cheap dentistry universities in Europe

cheap dentistry universities in Europe

Studying abroad could be the most fantastic travel experience of your life, whether it’s sharing a drink with new friends in the quaint bar down the street, spending your day touring around the magnificent local cathedral, or grabbing some delicious street food on your way to class. Studying abroad provides numerous opportunities to meet new people while exposing you to other cultures and attending an excellent university.

Universities of dentistry in Europe

University of Berlin

The University of Berlin’s tuition is, you guessed it, free! You will be responsible for all living expenses, including rent and food. Berlin’s living expenditures are around 700 euros per month or a little around $800 per month! That’s a fantastic price for such a prestigious university. This university is also one of the most affordable English-taught universities in Europe. They have a Bachelor of Arts programme with English-taught courses. This Berlin school is looking forwards to providing you with a variety of exciting study abroad opportunities.

University of Göttingen

Germany is the undisputed monarch of free education, and the University of Göttingen is another of Europe’s tuition-free colleges for overseas students! This university offers humanities, natural sciences, legal, and social sciences programmes, some of which are taught in English. It also houses one of Germany’s most extensive libraries. This university has only one cost: a tiny administrative fee of roughly 300 Euros per semester. For a complete semester of school, that’s only $335! The cost of living is the only other expense. The cost of living in Göttingen is comparable to Berlin, at roughly 700 euros per month (less than $800).

The University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria, is another fantastic European city with affordable universities. Tuition is free at the University of Vienna, with only a minimal processing fee of 730 Euros ($815 every semester). There are approximately 200 different programmes to choose from, with many of them even being taught in English. This university has a lot of history and is one of the oldest globally, having been founded in 1365. Vienna is known for its culture and nightlife, and it will be an ideal location for you to study abroad.

Nantes University 

If France is calling you, Nantes University has the perfect study abroad programme for you. The processing cost at Nantes University is merely 184 euros ($200) every semester! The cost of living is rather inexpensive here, at around 600 euros ($670) per month. Biology and earth science; foreign languages, literature, and civilizations; and European and international studies are among the English-taught subjects at Nantes University.

University of Athens

This university is Greece’s oldest institution! Their undergraduate degrees include dentistry, music studies, nursing, social theology, and theatrical studies. You’ll like going to school surrounded by Greek columns and architecture. And the city of Athens is littered with Greek ruins; you’ll have enough to see and discover during your time studying abroad there. The average monthly cost of living in Athens is $800, although it may be as low as $500.

University of Crete

There are no tuition prices for EU students at any public institution in Greece, and there are no tuition fees for international students at the University of Crete. Philosophy, education, social sciences, medicine, and science and engineering are offered. So you might be studying philosophy in Greece, where it all started! Although all classes are conducted in Greek at this university, there is a sizable foreign community of English speakers.

University of Würzburg

A knowledge of German is required for the final German university on our list. However, there are a few English-taught courses available for overseas students. Cultural and music studies and politics, astronomy, and molecular and computational biology are among their key departments. The University of Würzburg charges a tiny processing fee of 130 euros ($145) per semester, making it extremely affordable and appealing to students worldwide.


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