Pharmacy Universities in Europe

Pharmacy Universities in Europe

Students from abroad can take undergraduate and graduate courses in pharmacy and pharmacology at universities ranked in the QS World University Rankings for Europe. Drugs are developed, manufactured and delivered by pharmaceutical science to better combat diseases. In addition, a student can study molecular biology, physiology, chemical engineering, or pharmacology, depending on their interests. Pharmacy is a dynamic field, so choosing this subject as a research option is undoubtedly wise. A good pharmacy student should have a solid academic background, excellent communication skills, and close attention to detail. Pharmacy diplomas open the door to a fast-paced, challenging and rewarding career.

Why Study Pharmacy in Europe

Although it is normal to be hesitant about becoming a pharmacist, you will soon stop doubting your decision once you have all the advantages at your disposal. You will be well prepared for the future through their educational programs. You will become a pharmacist since the program is highly equipped with the most modern facilities. Almost every medical institution globally recognizes these universities in Europe for their dedication to being up to date and continuously improving. Moreover, living expenses aren’t same in some European countries. There is not much difference between €500 and €1500 per month. Your preferences also determine rental prices. And there is no shortage of options.

Those who wish to live on their own can do so by renting an apartment at a low monthly cost of living in a university dormitory where they will have all the necessary facilities and even more. Of course, your rent might be higher if you choose a big apartment in the city centre. But, honestly, you only need an apartment near your faculty that is one bedroom. Since this is what drove you to go there in the first place, right?

After choosing your pharmacy course and where you will live, the next step is to determine what opportunities await you once you are a pharmacy graduate. There is nothing better than helping a stranger across the street or a small child find their parents in an unfamiliar store. This could even earn you a lot of money.

Best places to study pharmacy in Europe

Cyprus – Near East University

Near East University is an excellent option for anyone interested in studying pharmacy in English and learning about a whole new culture. It is possible to enrol in a 5-year English course here without even taking an entrance exam. Annual tuition is €8,600. Additionally, there are luxurious student dormitories located near the faculty that you can stay in.

Pharmacy Universities in Europe

Poland – Poznan University of Medical Sciences & Silesia Medical University

Two medical schools in Poland offer pharmacy courses in English. The classes are both five years long and require entrance exams. Poznan University of Medicine And Science is located in Poznan, and its tuition costs €8,700 per year. Therefore, a dormitory on campus is a very affordable choice – €80 – €140 per person for a double room. Katowice is the home of the Medical University of Silesia. A pharmacy course there costs €8,600 per year. In addition, PUMS and this medical school offer affordable single rooms at a monthly rate of €160-€200.

Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv, and Varna Medical Universities

There is a wide range of universities to choose from here. In Bulgaria, three universities are offering English-taught pharmacy programs. The entrance exams for all three are the same. Medlink Students will provide all the necessary materials. Your degree will be internationally recognized after completing the 5-year course. You also can live on your own or in university housing.

Hungary – Debrecen & Semmelweis Medical Schools

Hungary offers both Debrecen and Budapest as options for studying pharmacy in English. Each university provides a global reputation. Your education will be of the highest standard, and you will live in luxurious dormitories. The Medical School of Debrecen charges an annual fee of €6,800. You will be charged €10,700 for your tuition at the Semmelweis University of Medicine. You won’t common TSE on education quality no matter which university you choose.

Turkey – Acibadem University

The cost of pharmacy courses at Acibadem University is €10,700 per year for five years. Istanbul is the university. Many factors make the institution popular with international students, including no entrance exams, well-developed hospital partnerships, and modern equipment.

 Italy – University of Siena

There’s nothing more attractive for a medical student than a world-class education. That’s what welcomes so many international students every year. Two universities offer a pharmacy programme in English. The course there lasts as usual for five years.


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